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Everything is Awesome is a weekly love letter to all things awesome. Brought to you by Jeff Richardson and KC KAOS, two great writers and hilarious friends, who love talking about cool artistic stuff with cool people.
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Aug 25, 2015
Episode 35: Regular Pooping Takes Too Long ft. Chase Roper

This episode was voted the 3rd best episode of Season One!


In which Olympia comedian Chase Roper visits Mailman Studios to discuss his epic journey into adulthood; guest host Marquis Carter reveals embarrassing family secrets; we learn of Chase's psychic mother and her strange "allergy"; Jeff reads another love poem; Chase's son reveals his appreciation for diarrhea; Marquis prepares to slam his fellow comics; and the boys discuss their various struggles with mental illness.


Songs in this episode:

"Four Walled World" - Temple of the Dog

"Barracuda" - Roger Fisher and the Human Tribe

Aug 18, 2015
Episode 34: Lahar Means the British are Coming ft. Frodo Bowski

In which guest cohost Fred Bowski, future legendary master, Esquire, joins Jefe to discuss the oncoming catastrophic devastation facing the Pacific Northwest; cybernetic government bike messengers; lahar sirens; the majesty of Michael McDonald; the spiritual implications of transgendered people; Fred's journey to fatherhood and not growing weed; Rent-a-goat; future childrearing dilemmas; pony lessons; hobbits, dwarves and wizards; long walks on the beach and wandering hands; the Art of Charm and Jeff's painful attempts at learning improv; and so much more.

Closing Song: "Magic Clap" - The Coup

Aug 14, 2015
Episode 33B: The Oracle and the Comedian Continued

Here it is, kids! The continuation of the best episode of Everything is Awesome. Guest host Darby Welch is tremendous! You're gonna like the way it sounds, I guarantee it.


Guest Host: Darbylane Welch-Michieli

Oracle: Camille Leinweber

Special Guest: Emily Bittrick, Comic

Aug 13, 2015
Episode 33: The Oracle and the Comedian

In which Jeff welcomes new guest host, the incomparable Darby Welch, to the show; we meet the Oracle and learn of her amazing powers of discernment and clarity; issues of sex and masturbation are explored; we discuss the differences between feminism and equality; Darby admits she has a "Charles Manson Celebrity Crush"; the ladies describe their struggle with cutting and eating disorders; Amy Schumer's Train Wreck gets a review; we learn about bike polo; and we decide that Emily is going to be a huge star and should get used to receiving random compliments.

Closing Song: "Troublemaker" - Weezer

Jul 25, 2015
Episode 32: The TV Guide of Podcasting ft. Mike

This episode was voted the 5th best of Season One and is our #1 most downloaded show ever!


In which Jeff interviews podcasting legend and TBTL afficionado Mike "Clip Clop" Frizzell; Jeff laments the health of his doggy Mr Rusty Barnacle; we discuss the relative merits of geoducks on the Japanese boner population; Mike describes his original podcasting foray and transformation to TBTL acolyte; the process of becoming a bank robber is expained in great detail; Mike marries his TBTL sweetheart; the LRB is formed; Mike recalls his time as TBTL insult artist; and a good time is had by all.


Closing Song: "Smithereens" - The Social Animals

Jul 17, 2015
Episode 31: Madison Might Unplug Some Stuff - with Josh Firestine

In which a good ole boy from San Diego (California) introduces the fellas to such topics as growing up, joining the military, getting married and having a kid, we learn about how a comedian's set should grow and develop, we discuss the return of the word "liberal" and what it means to us, Jeff takes an IQ test and does the smart thing by not telling his score, Josh's daughter Madison attempts to bring down the show, she laughs into the microphone and attempts to eat it, and many more interesting tangents are revealed!


Closing Song: "One Man Can Change the World" Big Sean

Jul 9, 2015
Episode 30: Man on Man Talk with Chrysalis Effect

This one was voted the 4th best episode of Season One!


In which Jeff interviews the boys of Chrysalis Effect, they discuss their origin stories, express a wide variety of opinions on a great range of subjects, horse around and sing little ditties, and play some rad music to close out the show.


Featured songs include "Oh Darlin" by the Beatles

Jul 6, 2015
Episode 29: Shelby Dodson Part 2

In which comedian Shelby Dodson describes his journey through standup comedy, we discuss a great many issues from Jeff's Facebook Feed, including the Confederate flag, gay marriage, and Game of Thrones, plus a litany of local art happenings and small businesses it would behoove you to investigate!


Featured Song is "Linger" by Ridgeway

Jul 2, 2015

In which guest Shelby Dodson reveals facts about his childhood, including dirt track races with the Right, his parents struggles with methamphetamine, we share our writing and discuss the writing process, Shelby unleashes a sweetass rap he created back in the day, and we generally bullshit at a highly comedic level. This is Part One of a Two Part Episode, so stay tuned!


Closing Song - "Radiation Vibe" by Fountains of Wayne

Jun 25, 2015
Episode 27: Jeff's Freedom Party! Live at the New Frontier

We bring to you our first ever episode taped live in front of an audience, and it is magical! It was a crazy show full of comedy, music, and tomfoolery and even Jeff's mom got into the act!

Normally we run down a charming list of things talked about during the episode, but seriously, it's a party. If you don't mind the sound quality, you'll laugh your stupid ass off. Melissa comes back, Fred's in the house, all sorts of great comics and musicians, and Jeff is free to spend his money like a drunken sailor, so tweet at the mother effer already and get you some free drinks. All you gotta do is hang out with the poor loser. 

Song in this episode: "Wardrobe to Narnia" by Ian Schuelke

Jun 19, 2015
Episode 26: Needy By Nature with Andrew Tuller

Warning! This is a raw episode sans music. Our guest Andrew has three new tunes on mixcloud, which we are efforting to get into this episode. Download now for the interview and come back in a few days for the whole shebang. In the meantime, listen to the songs on Mixcloud! 

Andrew on Cottleston Pie


In which Elbow Coulee's Andrew Tuller comes to the studio for an in-depth conversation on the differences between country and urban life, ladies misrepresenting themselves on Tinder, Andrew tells the sort of joke one should never tell on podcasts, the writing process is explored in detail, and Fred and Jeff experience the season finale of Game of Thrones in real time and Jeff becomes apoplectic over something in the last scene that is total and complete horse hockey.


Songs included in this episode: TBD

Jun 11, 2015
Episode 25: Talkin Movies with Mark Monlux

In which Jeff and Fred interview the Comic Critic Mark Monlux and learn of a great many things, including a seedy black market for second-run cinema, his approach to writing, the creation of his great books of movie criticism, "Seldom Seen Films", and "Blockbusters".


Also, a special two-episode recap of Game of Thrones, featuring Episode 8 "Hardhome", and Episode 9 "The Dance of Dragons".

May 31, 2015
Episode 24: Jeff's Divorce Party!

In which Jeff celebrates the culmination of his divorce, Shakim awaits the arrival of a precious baby girl, Jeff and Shakim discover their essential characters through a Game of Thrones personality profile, the end of the Richardson era of live sound, the further adventures of Where Dem Dragons At?,  Jeff reveals a heartbreaking childhood malady and its subsequent surgical correction, and so much more!


Closing Track: Kurt Lindsay "High Road"

May 21, 2015
Episode 23: Gettin Real Deep with Fred Bowski

In which Jeff and Fred discuss such topics as divorce, marriage and pet ownership, we discuss how to reveal secrets without pissing off your significant others, Game of Thrones is dissected in exhausting detail in our new GoT segment "Where Dem Dragons At?", and we go deep into each other's lives with sensitivity and grace. And cock merchants!

May 15, 2015
Episode 22: Celebrating All Beards

In which Jeff and Shakim welcome guest Sotaria into the Mailman Studios dungeon kitchen, Sotaria speaks of her development as a musician, some hostility toward so-called "Ratchet People" is expressed, Shakim's music is beginning to seep into all our lives, we learn beards are definitely NOT full of poop, and we discover that Everything is Awesome has a brand new Game of Thrones recap segment: "Where Dem Dragons At?"


The ending track for this episode is: "King of Swing", Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

May 6, 2015
Episode 21: An Intimate Evening with Patrick Galactic (Rewind)

In which Jeff interviews Patrick Galactic, former Death By Stars frontman, about his origins, his career in music, and his groovy new direction as a solo artist. Covering such topics as bullying, the drive to succeed in art, divorce, and many more fascinating topics. Patrick's music is featured throughout, with one recorded track and four live songs. This dude's funny, folks. Check it.

Apr 28, 2015
Episode 20: Doin the Duchess

In which Jeff and Shakim discuss dramatic health scares, death, and other uplifting topics; Shakim explains the phrase "doing the Duchess"; a family friend gets a tribute, Game of Thrones is spoiled in somewhat incorrect chronological order; Shakim retells his harrowing dog attack story; and all manner of fun is had. Plus we have an iMac now and it is a beast! Huzzah!


Tracks on this show include:

Rockwell Powers & Ill Pill Feat. D.J. Phinisey - Head UP

Tangerine - Runes

Kurt Lindsay with BODYBOX - War

Joseph - Eyes to the Sky

Apr 20, 2015
Episode 19: Sixth Avenue Debauchery (Rewind)

In which Episode 3 of Everything is Awesome returns to great acclaim, Cassie Mitchell AKA Sixth Avenue Yarn Bomber tells her life story in a loud atrium attached to Bluebeard Coffee, and Art on the Ave is promoted even though it won't be back until July. Enjoy, time bandits! This one is special!

Apr 14, 2015
Episode 18: Homer Hit My Car!

In which Jeff and Shakim explore the 90s and the legacy of Generation X, a parking pole jumps up and bites Shakim's headlight, baseball makes its triumphant return to America, roommate Ed shows up to talk Anna Gordon, 90s music, Jeff visits Arcane Comics and discover new comic books to follow, Taylor Swift entertains the boys, a huge chunk of wisdom is demolished by a failing laptop, and very cool music graces the airwaves.


Songs on this episode: Dedric Clark & the Social Animals "High", Shakim Leckie "To My Grave", Anna Gordon "Here Comes My Man", Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk"

Apr 11, 2015

Hey gang! Anna Gordon, music director at KAOS Radio in Olympia, WA is coming to our little studio to record a few songs and some conversation for our favorite podcast and yours, Everything is Awesome!

Call in, email, twitter or facebook message yours truly or my man Shakim Leckie to get in on the action! Suggest questions, tell stories, send ridiculous pictures or news stories, or favorite songs, artists or guest suggestions. You are the Future, My Children! Rejoice, and fall before your Creator, Ozric the Destructivator of Species and Small Water Craft. That is all.

Apr 10, 2015


Holy crap, folks. I was mere hours away from unleashing the most ambitious episodes of Everything is Awesome today, all based around Opening Day of baseball season. I slaved over it like hot coals, amplifying quiet bits, bringing down the background noise, making little hits to explain certain things, adding music, and cutting out stretches of dull chatter, all to bring you a classic episode, one for the history books.

Alas, I have failed you. But I promise you that someday I will have the nerve to brave the frustrating waters of Audacity again to bring you an episode you won't forget. To those who appeared on this episode, Ed Cedras and Todd Iverson, I humbly beseech thee to stay tuned and remain loyal friends of the show. I will be forever in your debt.

Your faithful servant,




Apr 10, 2015
Everything is Awesome Rewind: Episode 2.1- The ReReHalloweening

Due to catastrophic Audacity-related events, we are forced to inflict upon you our second(ish) episode, Episode 2.1 The ReHalloweening. It's a lot of fun, and features one of my favorite Tacoma artists, Evan Main. Dig into it, and maybe if I stop beating my computer with a sledgehammer the lost Baseball episode will make it back into the rotation. Good day to you, friendos!

Apr 8, 2015

Hey hey, friendos! This week's question has to do with baseball season starting again. What are some of your best/earliest memories of baseball season, and why? If you're not a baseball fan, tell us one of your beloved spring/summer rituals from childhood.

Apr 3, 2015
Episode 16: March Madness at Mailman Studios

In which Jeff and Shakim discuss a multitude of important topics while chilling most relaxedly at Mailman Studios, Associate Producer Hilary Brown takes an active part in the dialogue, Michigan State v Louisville goes into overtime, Jeff is embarrassed by the multiple technical challenges associated with this podcast, Shakim begins a promising new financial venture, and more!


Songs included in this week's episode: "Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)" - Run the Jewels ft. Zack de la Rocha, and a clip from the Metronome appearance of Dedric Clark & the Social Animals

Mar 24, 2015
Episode 15:

This is the #4 most downloaded episode in Everything is Awesome history! Voted #1 episode of Season One.


In which Jeff and Shakim travel the winding path of life's unending sadness, beers are consumed, friend of the show Eric Anderson of the Trouble With Trivia podcast drops in digitally to discourse on a number of topics, some of them superhero related, we reveal the adjacency of the city of Lakewood to Tacoma, the city of Large Elephants, or something, I sorta tuned out later in the show. Mm, donuts.

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